Meet Agnes and Kim, the Rains Down Africa team.


Rains Down Africa, An Eco-Tourism Company founded out of the passion for good service and our home, Tanzania. With twenty years of combined experience in wildlife and people, tied with personal passions and professional strengths, we can guarantee your safari is not only memorable but educational and a real life-changing experience. 

Agnes (right) was born at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro and Kim (left) was born on the slopes of beautiful Mt. Meru. Both these areas boast abundant flora and fauna, encompassed by beautiful national parks. It was predestined we would spend our lives with a love of nature.

Our passions for nature were nurtured through our studies at College of African Wildlife Management and later working with Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute (TAWIRI). Both experiences opened our eyes to the complexities of conservation and its invaluable importance for Tanzania. We carried our experience with us into the tourism industry, learning new skills and discovering new passions which brought us to Rains Down Africa. 

We are so happy to continue to do what we love. We hope we will have the opportunity to share our deep knowledge and passions with you. Our goal is always making your experience an unforgettable adventure and sharing our true love for our home. Our availability is limited so please ensure you get in touch with your preferred dates as early as possible!