Things to Explore in your Lake Manyara National Park safari Expedition

Located between Lake Manyara and the Great Rift Valley in Tanzania, Lake Manyara National Park is a small park and a protected area. Lake Manyara National Park covers a territory of 325 km2 including about 230 km2 lake surface. Tourists can easily access these amazing spots to experience their Lake Manyara National Park Safari tour as it's about 90 minutes' drive from Arusha and hardly an hour from the Ngorongoro Crater. Therefore, it attracts huge number voyagers all around the world every year.

However, you must have a plan either to stay within the park or spend two nights in some places near to explore this park completely. The Lake Manyara is an alkaline water lake which is a perfect home to an extensive herd of flamingos and more than 400 bird species such as the waterfowl.

We can say that Lake Manyara National Park provides a wide range of natural exploration opportunities to the visitors from its Rift Valley soda lake to dense woodlands and steep mountainsides. If you are an adventure enthusiast or a true nature lover, Lake Manyara National Park Safari tour is the perfect option to opt for your upcoming vacation.

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Lake Manyara National Park Safari Expedition:

When it comes to wildlife, you can see a larger number of elephants in this park. Along with that, different creatures usually observed incorporate tree-climbing lions, cheetahs, the Masai giraffe, hippos, baboons, blue monkeys, and buffalo. A safari to this park is ideal for tourist.

On the flip side, Lake Manyara National Park has a perfect backdrop and you can enjoy outstanding game viewing. There are also various adventure activities to be explored, including swimming, horse riding, safari walks, photographing, cycling, cultural activities, and canoeing.

There are also various luxurious and other accommodations, lodges available to provide tourists a comfortable stay at reasonable prices. They have spacious rooms where you can see the encompassing surroundings. In short, a Lake Manyara National Park Safari is a charming experience, as the park likewise includes ground-water timberland, acacia tortilis forest and hot springs called Maji Moto.

Talking about the best time, Manyara's official peak season is from July to October. However, you can visit this place throughout a year.

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