Authentic Personalized Tour to Chem Chem Lodge Safari in Tanzania

Located between the Tarangire National Park & the Lake Manyara National Park and encompassed with unending loveliness with great panoramas, the Chem Chem Lodge is one of the most celebrated safari destination spots in the world. In fact, Chem Chem Lodge safari in Tanzania is an absolute exploring spot for those voyagers who want to immerse in a safari trip and also who might want to have a touch of a shrub to themselves for a day or two.

Chem Chem Lodge Safari Tanzania:

Talking about Chem Chem Lodge or the “The Sunset Camp”, it is a luxurious stop in your safari journey which is specially crafted for tourists to meet their need. You will feel utmost serenity, silence, and fall in love with its surrounding when camping in this region. You experience the echoes of a vintage safari lodge as urban anxieties melt away.

Actually, it goes in close vicinity to a private wildlife management territory and inside a migratory corridor that sees a tolerable number of creatures amid the dry season. It mixes in with the unfenced wild that extends on all sides. This lodge is particularly designed for staying and relaxing in the beautiful surroundings to take advantage of it.

Tourists will definitely appreciate this amazing safari spot which is between a lake and a lush forest. You can encounter the natural life from the solace of their suite. If you are an adventure enthusiast or nature lover, you will have many things to do by staying in chem’s eight spacious tent-style suites. Each tent will give you a possibility of seeing the scenic views across a dry salt pan, provide suitable facilities, and features to guarantee a most agreeable stay.

Apart from that, Chem Chem Lodge safari Tanzania offers tourists unmatched memories of strolling, night drives, shrub dinners, and credible social encounters. In fact, you will have the freedom to enjoy your safari tour at the fullest. In addition, you will receive the utmost privacy as well as the best wildlife seeing encounters with our professional and experienced tour guides.

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